Update coming soon

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy with school and stuff like that but I just wanted you to know there WILL be a very long update coming soon. Until then, hang tight!🙂

4 thoughts on “Update coming soon

  1. So I’m up in the middle of the night feeding my newborn and I decide to google you and what do I come across but an article about you in National Geographic! I didn’t even know you had a blog! I also didn’t know I had a famous cousin!! Luv ya🙂 and happy belated birthday. You make me feel old! I remember when you were born and we were all at grandma Grossman’s house. You were so darn cute! I hope you get me meet my little Parker sometime soon!

  2. Yeah, I read the article on National Geographic too. It’s here:

    I’ve read your book too and I love it.
    I’m also a “disabled person” and I recognize a lot of the annoyances you’re writing about.
    I hope you extend your book a bit because it is well written and I can imagine there are (a lot of) annoyances you haven’t discussed yet.

    Lilly, I admire you for being so open about your disease and I will keep following you in the future.

  3. i just finished reading the article on national geographic and also your book you wrote! youre such a strong girl and an inspiration for many people around you! Its such a relief to see that youre always showing off that beautiful smile cause hey! someones got too! stay stong lilly!

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